Avoiding Flu & Cold This Season; A Functional Medicine Approach

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2018

Hi everyone.

        Alright, so today, no papers. I'm not going over an article today. Today we're talking about not getting sick during cold and flu season. In Houston right now we are kind of in the throws of cold and flu season. School districts are starting to send out notices to parents, keep your kids home if they any signs of having the flu, if they've got fever or chills or nausea, keep 'em home, don't send 'em to school. There's always that temptation to send them because otherwise you've got to arrange child care and you've got to take the day off.

         Once you see those notices coming out, you know that the school districts are seeing significant numbers of kids having the flu, or being absent, whichever. That's going on here where several of the districts around here have noticed that. So we're starting to see people in here, I'm starting to get the emails and the phone calls, "How in the world can I not get the flu?"...

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