Are all low carb diets the same?

Patrick Krupka, DC, CFMP:

So you can't really go anywhere without hearing somebody talking about a low carbohydrate diet. There's whole 30, keto, low-carb paleo, diets that prioritize protein, fasting mimicking diets, fasting, intermittent fasting, keto, carnivore. We could go on all day with different diets that accentuate protein, or in the case of keto, protein and fat, at the expense of carbohydrate. I don't have a big issue with that. I think in many people, that's beneficial. But I want you to understand that whichever one of those you choose or whichever one of those is recommended to you or whatever, they all share a very common goal, a very similar goal. They go about it a little bit differently, but the goal is to expose you to a lot less insulin than you've been doing already. So I'm going to talk you through real briefly two or three different things to explain what insulin does and how it becomes a problem because we need it.

Why would you want less of it? So we're...

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Teens Building Muscle


(00:01): I had a question come up from a patient. She reached out to me. She doesn't live in the state of Texas anymore. And of course we feel sorry for her for that, but she was a patient of mine back when I first started, so it was nice to connect with her again. She has a son who's in his mid-teens and wants to put on some muscle mass. That's not an uncommon question in my office, so I figured I'd handle it in this format. They could benefit from it. And so could anybody else who's got a son early to mid-teens who feels the need to add some muscle mass. So I'm gonna kind of rapid fire, go through some important points, or a question was specifically about like an eating approach or a dietary pattern that would be beneficial for this.

(00:45): Um, but I'm gonna kind of broaden it out a little bit and that way it works better in this forum. So first of all, why would, why would someone that age want to add muscle? Obviously, aesthetics is, is a common goal, right? You wanna look a...

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