Teens Building Muscle


(00:01): I had a question come up from a patient. She reached out to me. She doesn't live in the state of Texas anymore. And of course we feel sorry for her for that, but she was a patient of mine back when I first started, so it was nice to connect with her again. She has a son who's in his mid-teens and wants to put on some muscle mass. That's not an uncommon question in my office, so I figured I'd handle it in this format. They could benefit from it. And so could anybody else who's got a son early to mid-teens who feels the need to add some muscle mass. So I'm gonna kind of rapid fire, go through some important points, or a question was specifically about like an eating approach or a dietary pattern that would be beneficial for this.

(00:45): Um, but I'm gonna kind of broaden it out a little bit and that way it works better in this forum. So first of all, why would, why would someone that age want to add muscle? Obviously, aesthetics is, is a common goal, right? You wanna look a...

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