Action Steps

Immune System Support (prevention)

The following are my personal suggestions to generally support your body's natural ability to deal with viral issues: (all suggestions are to support you body's natural ability to defend against viral infections.  Nothing eliminates viral pathogens better that a properly functioning immune system)

Lab testing: 

Dr. Krupka's immune panel ($97)

  • CBC - Complete blood count (white cells and differential, red blood cells, and platelet count) 
  • CMP - Comprehensive metabolic panel (kidney and liver function, proteins, electrolytes and blood sugar)
  • Vitamin D test (25(OH) vit D) The best way to dose vitamin D is to know what your current blood levels are...get them checked NOW!
  • RBC Magnesium
  • Fasting Insulin

Call the office to get this panel! (281) 664-6464


Get adjusted as needed - see Dr. Krupka or your Chiropractor!

STOP eating sugar!

Wash your hands, avoid crowds, be sensible

Get plenty of good quality sleep


Supplements to boost defenses: (SP = Standard Process, DFH = Designs For Health)

  • Echinacea Premium (SP)  tablets or liquid 2-4 tablets or 5ml/day to boost your natural front-line defenses.  The liquid can be a bit rough to take, but it is SO worth it!
  • Vitamin D Supreme (DFH) 5000 IU D3 with vit K - aiming to bring blood levels of vitamin D up to 55-100 (70-100 for immune challenged individuals)
  • N Acetyl Cysteine - a precursor to Glutathione, and support for lung inflammation
  • Zinc Liver Chelate (SP)  if Zn deficient - If you come by the office we can use a zinc taste test to determine if you have a zinc deficiency, or check with your FM practitioner.
  • DFH Complete multi (DFH) traditional multivitamin - boosting your overall nutrient intake is a great idea when facing an immune challenge like this virus.
  • Whole-food multivitamin combo (this is what I take) Catalyn (SP) (8/day) and Grass Fed Beef Organs from Ancestral Supplements (the black labeled bottle) (6/day) click onthis link, or see my patient resources page for a link to these.
  • Cod Liver Oil (SP) 3/day - great quality fish oil with naturally occurring vitamin A&D included (you'll likely need extra D but this is in a really usuable form for your body)
  • Stellar C (DHF) (vitamin C, 1000mg/cap) Research indicates that 10k to 20k mg of vitamin C per day can be protective as well as speed recovery. 

***Call the office for Standard Process unless you are already on the Patient Direct program.  Use the "Store" link in the upper right corner of the website to order Designs For Health***

Acute Illness:

Steps to take and products to consider when you start to show signs of infection.  (Suggestions are to support you body's natural ability to fight acute viral infections - always check with your nutrition/herb literate doctor before starting supplements - any suggested supplement dosing is for adults)

Supplements: (SP= Standard Process, DFH= Designs For Health)

  • Echinacea Premium (SP) 6/day or liquid5ml 2x/day
  • Andrographis Complex (SP) 6/day
  • Broncafect (SP) 4/day
  • Pulmaco (SP) 4/day blend of herbs historically used to normalize mucus viscosity as an expectorant.
  • N acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) 900mg capsules -plenty of peer reviewed research indicates this can decrease severity of symptoms, duration of disease, and viral shedding.  In case of severe respiratory distress, or hospitalization requiring a ventilator, IV doses of 100mg-300mg/kg of body weight can be life-saving! (Demand it!!)- see Dr Vasquez's work in the educational resources section below for references.
  • Turmeric Forte (SP) 4 tablets twice per day in the event of a "cytokine storm" or severe respiratory distress.
  • Spirulina (EnergyBits) 15gm (60 tiny tablets) per day for adults, use code DRKRUPKA for 20% discount at - Check the Mercola article below for the benefits of Spirulina here.
  • Glucosamine Synergy (6/day = 3000mg) with added Boswellia
  • Lipoic Acid Synergy - Alpha lipoic acid 300mg (4-6/day to = 1200-1800mg) 
  • Stellar C (DFH)  (vitamin C), 1000mg/cap) Research indicates that 10k-20k mg/day can be protective as well as speed recovery

***Call the office for Standard Process unless you are already on the Patient Direct program.  Use the "Store" link in the upper right corner of the website to order Designs For Health***

Educational Resources:

Some places to go to learn more about COVID-19 and how to support your immune system through a viral infection.

University of Minnisota, Center for Infectious Disease COVID-19 info page Coronavirus article

Dr. Alex Vasquez's antiviral nutrition information (pretty technical - Nerd alert)


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