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About Dr. Krupka

About Patrick Krupka, DC, CFMP

When I turned 18 years old, I started volunteering with a 911 ambulance service and my local fire department.  During my time in college at Texas Lutheran University, I worked as a student athletic trainer, and in a local emergency department.  I continued to increase my certifications toward becoming a Paramedic.   I also met the love of my life, Kim (later to become my wife).

After I graduated with my B.A. in Psychology, I opted to attend Texas Chiropractic College...but I needed a few extra pre-requisite classes.  While getting these out of the way, I also finished my Paramedic training, and continued to work in a local emergency department.  

While earning my doctorate at Texas Chiropractic College (TCC), I traveled frequently for outside training in Functional Medicine and Nutrition.  After 10 trimesters at TCC, I graduated with honors, and earned the prestigious Keeler award for both academic and clinical excellence.  I continued to spend time at TCC teaching the Emergency Procedures course for 5 more years.  

Since graduating and passing all of my state and national board exams, I have been in private practice, starting in April 2000.  Since then I have enjoyed many years running a Functional Wellness oriented practice focusing on helping patients reach optimal health using Functional Medicine testing and principles.  

In the newest chapter of my career, I am now the founder and lead content creator for Functional Wellness Academy.   We focus on providing online education teaching Functional Medicine principles.


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