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Curcumin Slashes Heart Disease Risk


Hi everyone. Unless you've been living under a rock you've heard a lot about curcumin or turmeric lately. It's apparently good for everything. I'm going to talk about it today.

Interesting article here. This one is from a journal called Complimentary Therapies in Medicine in August of 2017 and this is about curcumin's effect on basically parts of the cholesterol panel in type two diabetics. Now, type two diabetics are notorious for having high triglycerides and high markers that would indicate their risk for heart disease. Heart attack, stroke, those kinds of things.

So being able to make a difference in that is substantial. I've done a few blog posts in the past few weeks about how to change type two diabetes. That's probably the bigger problem and one of the approaches that needs to be instituted in people like this. However, in the meantime, or in patients who refuse or their doctor tells them they can't fast or whatever, this is an option.

So in this study, they were looking at...

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Stop Insulin In Less Than A Month!


In the past couple of weeks I've done blog posts related to blood sugar issues. Did one on kind of a new thought process around blood sugar and Type 2 Diabetes. Not so new to us. We talked about that in the blog post. And then I did one a little while back on Intermittent versus Episodic Fasting. After listening to what I say today you might want to go back and review those blog posts because they're applicable to this.

[Testing insulin resistance blog video]

[New Approach To Blood Sugar]

[Intermittent & Episodic Fasting]

Today I'm talking ... I'm back to holding paper again. If you go back, I don't know a year or so, I did the newscaster thing like this where I hold paper. Anyway, talking about a case report in the British Medical Journal. This was back in 2018. The title so that if you want to pull it up you can, title of the article in the British Medical Journal was “Therapeutic Use of Intermittent Fasting for People With Type 2 Diabetes as an Alternative to...

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Blood Sugar And Insulin Resistance, Is This You?


Hi everyone. I Want to take a minute and talk to you today about insulin resistance. This is a blood sugar issue. If you're not familiar with what insulin is, first of all, I'm going to go over basics of blood sugar. When we eat something, especially something that has a significant carbohydrate content, or a significant refined carbohydrate content, or we just have something with sugar in it, like we drink a soft drink or something, then our blood sugar goes up. We digest that, it gets absorbed into our bloodstream and then our blood sugar starts to come up. Normal fasting blood sugar's probably going to be, about 75 to 90 maybe, somewhere in that range. Depending on who you talk to, it's 70 to 90, or 70 to 85, or 75 to 95. It varies a little bit, but it's in that range; below 90 and above 70, probably.

But when we eat something or drink something that has sugar in it, that blood sugar number's going to go up dramatically. When it does, our pancreas creates insulin to take some of...

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Fasting Part 2, Q&A


This is part 2, find part 1 HERE.

 Last week's blog post was on intermittent and episodic fasting. It went over well, but I got lots of questions, and I kind of figured I would. That's why I asked for questions, and that's why we do the blog posts.

Today, I'm going to go over some of those questions to get them answered, a part two to last week's blog post. I'm just going to jump right in.

First question I got ... I'm grouping these. I got four main questions, but they were all phrased different ways by different people, so I think if I answer these four, it'll pretty much cover what I got. When to do intermittent versus episodic fasting. That was a pretty common question in some way, shape, or form.

I guess I gave the impression that you only need to do episodic fasting if you're having trouble with intermittent fasting, if intermittent fasting isn't working for you. It can work that way. It can certainly help you become ... Episodic fasting can certainly help you become more...

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Why do I want all these thyroid tests?


I wanted to take a few minutes, it's the end of the day here, and excuse the bare walls behind me, I'm in my new office, and we haven't had time to quite finish settling yet. First video from the new office so I guess that's a milestone.

                                           I've had a couple patients come in the past, probably two weeks, where they've had ... well, the patients haven't necessarily had questions about a full thyroid panel, but their other doctors have had questions about, why are we ordering all this lab work? Why would want all this lab work? What are you trying to prove? What are you looking for? What's the relevance of this?


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