A1c standards are wrong, IMO

Patrick Krupka, DC, CFMP:

I want to talk for a minute about hemoglobin A1c. It's a kind of three month average test for, or how frequently and how high you would spike your blood sugar. We'll talk more about that in a minute. So I was dealing with a patient recently who brought lab work in from her other practitioner and said, "Oh, doc, I think it's really good news. Doctor, my other doctor said my hemoglobin A1c," or she just called it, "My A1C, came back great, he said. So I think what we're doing is working. I'm doing better." Or her hemoglobin A1c had come down from, I think it was eight something, down to 7.2, 7.1, something like that, still abnormal.

And her other doctor said, "We're doing great. We're right on target. This is where we want you to be. Don't change anything. This is perfect." Well, I had to kind of explain to her that it's not perfect at all. It's what's considered good management of a type 2 diabetic to be kind of in the upper sixes. Some doctors are okay...

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