Foundational 5 Fish Oil Supplementation

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Continuing the foundational five series. The last video I did was on multivitamins. If you didn't catch it, look around wherever you're seeing this video and you'll find it. Today. I'm talking about the second component of the foundational five, and that's ul. So it as a recap, the foundational five generally supplements that I think everybody would benefit from. Same disclaimers I did on the last video. I'm not giving you medical advice. Take notes on what I'm telling you. If some of this is of interest or you think you want to take one of these, if there's any question about whether it's relevant for you or not, or safe for you or not, speak to your functional medicine practitioner, um, your nutritionist, somebody that understands supplementation. Alright? If you ask your regular family doctor about supplements, they may or may not have any knowledge at all about supplements in the information yet may be less relevant than what you're getting here, even though...

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