Worried about Clots from the Shots?

Discover high quality, professional grade supplements containing Rhamnan Sulfate and NattoKinase


Arterosil is the premier Rhamnan Sulfate product available today.  If you've read any research on Rhamnan sulfate, you know how important this supplement is!

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This is a potent mixture of highly available forms of Nattokinase and Serrapeptidase.  Both are enzymes to break down fibrin and protein associated with inflammation.

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How to purchase

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Typical Adult Dosing

Dosing of these supplements may vary depending on each person's individual situation. 

Typical adult dosing for Arterosil would be 2/day taken 1 AM and 1 PM for most people.  Highest level dosing is usually limited to 4/day taken  2 AM and 2 PM.  

Typical adult dosing for Natto-Serrazime would be 1-2 capsules per day on an empty stomach.  Highest level dosage on this supplement is usually limited to 4 capsules per day taken in divided doses on an empty stomach.

**Caution is advised if you already take Rx blood thinners**