Five Supplements Everyone needs! Foundational 5

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To me, there are five main supplements that, that I kind of call my foundational five that almost everybody would benefit from taking. Now I say almost everybody, so understand real quick disclaimer, I'm not giving you medical advice. I don't know your specific situation, so take notes on what I'm gonna say and know that these are generally good for everybody, but there may be some special circumstances for you. So discuss that with your functional medicine doctor or your clinician practitioner who's knowledgeable about nutrition and supplementation. Your regular family practice doctor might not know much of anything about supplementation and they're not always the best, um, resource for whether or not you should or can be taking something, find someone knowledgeable about supplementation. So that being said, the foundational five for me, uh, it's gonna consist of number one, a multivitamin of some sort, fish oil, probiotics, vitamin D, and magnesium.


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