Intermittent & Episodic Fasting


Hi everyone! I you want to tell you a little bit about intermittent fasting versus episodic fasting.  You may not have heard of episodic fasting, but we'll talk about it in just a minute. Intermittent fasting is a paradigm, or a plan in which you eat all your food for the day within about an eight hour eating window. Now, that time can vary depending on your situation, but for our purposes here, we're going to talk about an eight hour eating window. That would mean that there's a 16 hour window where you don't eat. You can have plenty of water and you can have maybe some herbal tea, bone broth, something like that. But generally you don't need anything, just a few clear liquids, nothing that would raise insulin levels. That's an important part of it.

So the idea here is we're supposed to have a mechanism by which we eat, or overeat, and we take the extra and store it as body fat.  Then in times of need, when we don't have enough to eat, we can pull back out of the body fat...

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