Why do I want all these thyroid tests?


I wanted to take a few minutes, it's the end of the day here, and excuse the bare walls behind me, I'm in my new office, and we haven't had time to quite finish settling yet. First video from the new office so I guess that's a milestone.

                                           I've had a couple patients come in the past, probably two weeks, where they've had ... well, the patients haven't necessarily had questions about a full thyroid panel, but their other doctors have had questions about, why are we ordering all this lab work? Why would want all this lab work? What are you trying to prove? What are you looking for? What's the relevance of this?


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Are you diabetic or hypothyroid? Interaction between thyroid hormone and HbA1c


All right. Today, happy Tuesday, by the way. By this time next week, Christmas will be done. I have a hard time believing that we're actually that close to Christmas. It's 70-something degrees and dreary here in Houston and just doesn't feel at all like Christmas, but Merry almost Christmas.

       Today, I'm going to talk a little bit, as you can tell from the title, about blood sugar and hypothyroidism. Article came out in the January/February issue of the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. The code for it, if you want to look it up on PubMed, the PMC code is 5240076. In this article, they do a good job explaining it. It's a long article, but the actual takeaway from it is fairly short. They took a bunch of people, random, through some testing and basically found that people with a lower thyroid hormone level, people that qualified has hypothyroid, had higher hemoglobin A1cs.

       Let me talk to you a minute about what a...

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