Test Tube Meat! Are You Ready For This?


All right, so I'm home on a snow day, so you notice the different office here, but I didn't want you to miss ... Hold on. Let me get rid of something here, but I didn't want you to miss today's video because I think it's an important one for you. Let me just shut that down so it doesn't make any noise.

       Okay, so today, we're talking about what's been termed "clean meat." I'm going to call it "test tube meat" or "Petri dish meat." I guess the question at hand and coming more quickly than we thought is, "Are you ready to eat meat that was grown in a Petri dish in a lab versus grown on an animal?"

         You're starting to see articles come out and announcements be made that we're progressing in that direction, that we're making progress in this, and that we're starting to be able to create animal muscle tissue basically in a Petri dish. They take a small sample of muscle tissue from an animal. They start to grow it in a Petri dish....

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