Calcium, Vitamin D, And Fractures In The Elderly...not worth supplementing?


All right. Happy Monday. Wanted to go over an article I read recently. This one is about vitamin D and calcium supplementation in elderly population in what I would call nursing homes. They call them community dwelling older adults. So I guess the new PC way to say that, so we want to be sensitive. So association between calcium and vitamin D supplementation and fracture incidence in community dwelling older adults. This was in the Journal of American Medical Association, 2017, it looks like December 26th, so pretty recent.

        Interesting article, interesting take home message from it but I kind of think they missed the mark on the way they did this. So here's what they did. They were looking to find out whether or not vitamin D and calcium supplementation either individually or together made any difference in fracture rates in elderly individuals that were not living in their home pretty much. But the way they went about it is they went back through lots of...

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