Who decides what's real, and what's "misinformation"?

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2019

In light of the war over your choice for medical procedures these days, I am releasing a video that was used as bonus material in my Breast Cancer video course.  I wanted to make this particular video available to as many people as possible to help all of you understand some of the problems when someone decides what's "real" or "established" or "settled" science these days.  

When Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest is going to "filter out misinformation" to protect you from making ill-informed decisions...they are looking to "established medical science" from the very machine that produces, sells, and profits from these soon-to-be-mandated medical procedures.  Please be aware of some of the games they play when they create the "established" science that will be solely accepted as truth.  

You are about to have a situation in which massively powerful companies, protected from any liability for their product, will have the government mandate that you consume their product, and you are not allowed to publicly question any of this.  Sound like a fictional novel?  Well guess what...not so much anymore.  


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