Public Speaking


Dr. Krupka is available for interviews both in-person, and virtual.  From podcasts to local news segments, he is comfortable and effective in a variety of settings.


Group Lectures

Whether you have a group of 30 or 300, Dr. Krupka is passionate about teaching and sharing the benefits of Functional Medicine and a primal / paleo lifestyle.



Let Dr. Krupka bring a fresh perspective to your next summit.  Add a Functional Medicine doctor with nearly 20 years' experience to your summit or panel discussion.   



Dr. Krupka feels that educating and inspiring others to reclaim their health and wellness through Functional Medicine, nutrition, and adopting a more primal lifestyle is critical to the success of his mission in healthcare.  He regularly sets aside time to attend lectures nd conferences, staying up-to-date on the latest research and trends in Functional Medicine.    This allows him to share this information both in a one-on-one setting in his office, and in large group settings in lectures and online video presentations.  If you are interested in booking Dr. Krupka to speak at your event, please call the office t (281) 664-6464 to check availability.  

Teaching with Dr. Chapa

In early 2019 I had the privilege of speaking about detoxification and general health with Dr. Aaron Chapa. He put together a great event, and the folks in the audience were wonderful!


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