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Contacting us to arrange Labs & consults:

If you need to arrange lab tests for you or your client...or if you need to arrange a phone consult with Dr. Krupka,  please call the office at (281) 664-6464.  You can also email the office at [email protected].  We are open Mon - Thurs 7:30-5:30.  If you get our voicemail, leave a clear message with your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possibly.  We want to help you help your clients!

Contacting  us to arrange public speaking or interviews for Dr. Krupka:  

Dr. Krupka can speak on a wide variety of Functional Medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle topics.  Feel free to call or email the office with the following information:  Date, time, and name of the event; preferred topic, format, and any other relevant information.  With this information, we can check our event schedule and let you know about availability.  (281) 664-6464 or [email protected].  


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